The determining factors when buying a home

Inspectors are neutral or are supposed to be.

I’m not sure this is a good thing. Often customers don’t or can’t grasp the implications of serious problems with a building. An inspector can’t call a house a piece of crap and recommend not buying it. The reality is they really should. A well intentioned professional will have your back and take the time to understand what the customer understands. First time home buyers are a great example of this or it could be the single parent. They need the time and insight from the inspector to wrap their mind around the issues often hidden from view. This can be structural, roof or mold related. Never bypass the opportunity to connect with the inspector. Many gloss-over inspectors do their customers a disservice by hiding behind jargon built into their reports. I see that alot and it’s rampant throughout the industry. It is crazy how people with the smallest budgets get into bad situations for this reason. I think this why some banks are getting involved and requesting reports.  That’s a very good thing. Another set of experienced eyes on the buyer’s side.

Risk vs rewards

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