The determining factors when buying a home

Inspectors are neutral or are supposed to be. I’m not sure this is a good thing. Often customers don’t or can’t grasp the implications of serious problems with a building. An inspector can’t call a house a piece of crap and recommend not buying it. The reality is they really should. A well intentioned professionalContinue reading “The determining factors when buying a home”

Use your nose!

It’s an inspection flag when you see plug in air fresheners everywhere. Musty odors are a sign of mold, decaying wood or a water related issues. Crawlspace space areas are synonymous with musty odors due to decaying organic materials particularly where dirt is present. For more information see the crawlspace Building Insight sheet on thisContinue reading “Use your nose!”

Impending lightening strike We were on the lake a few summers back and the girls hair started to raise up! The electrical charge in the air was building. We did get some pictures and got the heck off the lake without incident luckily.

The numbers have to make sense

Customers ask me; Would you buy this home? I tell them that the numbers have to make sense to you. I recommend adding up the cost of all the projects after I have laid them all out in a report. You can’t really project the actual costs but you can definitely see the bigger picture.Continue reading “The numbers have to make sense”